Services for NGOs & Permanent Missions

The CAGI assists international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) already established or seeking to do so in the Geneva region.

Search for office space

The actors of International Geneva have a rich, varied and high-quality real estate and conference infrastructure at their disposal. In this context, the CAGI acts as a gateway, intermediary and advisor, guiding international NGOs and Permanent Missions in their search for offices and answering questions during the lease or in the event of termination.

CAGI works in close collaboration with real estate market professionals, in particular the member companies of the Geneva section of the Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals (USPIGE) as well as the Foundation for Buildings for International Organizations (FIPOI) :

  • Permanent Missions,
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

CAGI acts as a facilitator and, in the event of an agreement, the NGO or the Permanent Mission and the land owner manage their new relationship directly.

NGOs can benefit from rental support provided by the State of Geneva. In order to receive this support, NGOs must conform with the criteria stated in the “Arrêté du Conseil d’Etat fixant les critères d’évaluation des demandes de locaux des ONG pour faciliter leur installation ou leur maintien à Genève of 23 July 2014“.

CAGI has the mandate to inform the NGOs of the conditions of admissibility of such a request and of the procedure to be followed, as well as to process the grant request submitted by an NGO if necessary. The decision rests with the State Councillor in charge of the Department of Finance and Human Resources (DF) upon notice from the Delegate for International Geneva. The concordance of the request and the criteria does not automatically entitle the NGO to State support.


Rental support is limited to two years and may in no case exceed 40,000 CHF/year, payable to the landlord only. The following points should be taken into account :

  • the payment of charges is excluded from State support,
  • rent cannot exceed the maximum rent practised by the Foundation for Buildings for International Organizations (FIPOI),
  • State rental support cannot be retroactive,
  • priority is given to rentals in FIPOI buildings; secondly, in buildings managed by entities pursuing purposes public utility goals.


In order to receive a rental support from the State of Geneva, NGOs must fulfil each of the following criteria :

It is a non-profit organization and does not discriminate on the basis of political opinion, faith, race or gender;

  • It is active in one or more of the following sectors (1) Environment and sustainable development, (2) Health, (3) Humanitarian Law & Action, Human Rights, Migration, (4) Labour, Economic Affairs, Trade, Science & Telecommunication, (5) Peace, Security and Disarmament;
  • Its activities are of significant interest to International Geneva; and
  • The rental subsidy is key to the ability of the NGO to establish itself or develop new activities in Geneva.

In addition, the following elements are taken into account :

  • the appreciation of the Confederation,
  • the NGO works with other international Geneva actors (international organizations, NGOs, academic institutions),
  • the NGO contributes to the achievement of the objectives set within the framework of the joint permanent group Confederation – canton on the priorities of International Geneva,
  • The NGO plans to finance its rent itself after the period during which it received State support.

Fulfilling the criteria set out above does not confer any entitlement to obtain rental support.


NGOs wishing to apply for rent support are invited to contact the CAGI Civil Society Service. The requesting organization will be invited to provide the following documents :

  • a copy of the signed statutes,
  • the minutes of the last General Assembly/Board meeting,
  • the list of Committee/Board members (if not mentioned in the minutes),
  • the latest activity report and financial statement (if the NGO is newly established, activities and budget plan),
  • the list of partners organizations,
  • any other useful information (description of projects, for example).

Offers of offices for rent

The CAGI publishes lease takeover, subletting and joint tenancy offers that NGOs and Permanent Missions wish to disseminate.

Organizations interested in an offer are invited to contact the announcer directly.

Organizations wishing to publish an offer are invited to contact CAGI by email at

Other useful information for NGOs

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