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Employment & Ci permit:

Private Household Employees

Members of the staff of diplomatic missions, permanent missions, consular posts and international organizations have the possibility, depending on their status and if they wish, to employ a private servant within the meaning of the Ordinance on servants (ODPr) and under the conditions of the latter.

To this end, the CAGI has set up a job exchange platform to put private household employees looking for an employer in contact with employers looking for a private household. Registration and consultation of offers in our offices, open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

All information relating to the conditions of entry into Switzerland, residence and work of private household employees is available, in several languages, on the website of the Swiss Mission.

The Employment exchange platform for private domestic staff is reserved for the following people:

  • to all employers meeting the conditions of the ODPr and holders of a FDFA legitimation card of type B, C, D, KB or KC pink or KD blue,
  • to all private servants holding a type F FDFA legitimation card who are looking for a new employer,
  • employees recruited locally by diplomatic missions, permanent missions/delegations and consular posts, holders of a type E or KE purple FDFA legitimation card, seeking employment as a private servant within the meaning of the ODPr.

1. Registration

People looking for a job and those looking for a domestic employee must complete the registration form and send it completed with a scan of both sides of their legitimation card to

Forms to download:

The form is sent to the Permanent Mission of Switzerland in Geneva for verification and validation of the application.

2. Consulting

The form in question is placed, for a period that can not exceed three months , in the “offers of services” or “offers of employment” register; if necessary, the offer may be renewed at the express request of the applicant.

Only people looking for a job and those looking for a domestic worker whose form appears in one of the aforementioned registers can access the information contained in the respective registers, which can be consulted at the CAGI or inquire by email at (due to COVID19).

People not residing in the Geneva region can obtain from the CAGI a copy of the service/job offers which will be sent to them by e-mail.

The CAGI is not responsible for informing either party of the progress of their case. Its role is only to provide information . It is up to people looking for a job to directly contact employers who have announced themselves on the Job Exchange and to employers to contact people looking for a job directly.

3. Withdrawal of the request

The applicant must inform the CAGI without delay if he has found a job or a domestic worker in order to withdraw the offer from the register.

4. Dispute

The CAGI does not ensure the follow-up of the relations likely to be established between the parties . If a dispute arising between the latter were to be brought to his attention, he would then encourage them to contact the Swiss Mission in Geneva or the Bureau de l’Amiable Compositeur.

Employ domestic staff a few hours a week

Information for members of permanent missions (MP) and international organizations (IO) residing in Switzerland and wishing to benefit from domestic help to carry out a few hours per week of cleaning, gardening or childcare:

  • working conditions and minimum wage,
  • management of administrative procedures,
  • employment contract.

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