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The NGO Service works in close collaboration with CAGI Housing Service and relevant entities in order to help NGOs find office space in Geneva.
In order to facilitate the development of NGOs in Geneva, several buildings are dedicated to hosting NGOs. These buildings are well equipped and most are located in the same neighbourhood as the major international organisations.
In addition, CAGI has privileged relations with the private sector and is able to provide information on office availability in Geneva at any given time. The NGO Service may act as initial facilitator. Any issues regarding lease contract is dealt with directly by the NGO and the landlord.
Rental subsidy
NGOs can benefit from rental subsidies provided by the State of Geneva. In order to receive this support, NGOs must conform with the criteria stated in the "Arrêté du Conseil d'Etat fixant les critères d'évaluation des demandes de locaux des ONG pour faciliter leur installation ou leur maintien à Genève of 23 July 2014".
The NGO Service can explain the conditions and procedures for receiving such aid, and decisions regarding such support are taken by the President of the State Council following the recommendation from the Delegate for International Geneva. The conformity of the application with the criteria does not imply an automatic support from the State.
Rental subsidy is limited to 2 years and to a maximum of CHF 40'000 per year. It is paid directly to the landlord. Please take note of the following conditions:
  • Charges are excluded from the subsidy.
  • Rent cannot be superior to the maximum rent applied by the Foundation for buildings for international organisations (FIPOI).
  • State rental subsidy cannot be paid retrospectively.
  • Priority is given to offices rented by FIPOI or, if not possible, in buildings managed by public interest entities.
In order to receive a rental subsidy from the State of Geneva, NGOs must fulfil each of the following criteria:
  • It is a non-profit organization and does not discriminate on the basis of political opinion, faith, race or gender;
  • It is active in one or more of the following sectors (1) Environment and sustainable development, (2) Health, (3) Humanitarian Law & Action, Human Rights, Migration, (4) Labour, Economic Affairs, Trade, Science & Telecommunication, (5) Peace, Security and Disarmament;
  • Its activities are of significant interest to International Geneva; and
  • The rental subsidy is key to the ability of the NGO to establish itself or develop new activities in Geneva.
Moreover, the following elements are taken into consideration:
Fulfillment of the above criteria does not confer any entitlement to rental subsidy support.
In order to prepare for the meeting with the NGO Service, the requesting organization will be asked to provide the following documents:
  • Signed copy of its statutes
  • Minutes of the latest General Assembly meeting
  • List of members of the Committee
  • Last annual report and accounts (if the NGO is newly established, please provide with activities and budget plan)
  • List of partner organizations, and
  • Any additional information that is of relevance to the determination (e.g. project descriptions)
The rest of the procedure will be explained at the meeting.


There are several buildings offering office space for NGOs. Often located in the international sector, they are equipped with adapted infrastructures:
"Fondation des Immeubles pour les Organisations Internationales"

In a new international hub "The Kyoto building" offers work spaces

Workplaces for rent for NGOs in "Varembé" (.pdf)
Kofi Annan office - pdf
142 moffice space for rent, co-tenancy with the Kofi Annan Foundation (.pdf)
One work place available September 2021 (.pdf)
UNIGE_offices - pdf
1 -3 desks available in UNIGE SDG Ecosystem co-working space (.pdf)

182 m2 office space – Lease to take as of December 2021 (.pdf)


Workspaces to sublet (.pdf)