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Immigration control authorities at the airport, may ask for you reason for travel. It is recommended to carry all your documents with you  when entering the Schengen area: invitation letter, hotel booking, etc.

 The Visitors Center at the airport is located in front of the exit doors in the public zone. It provides practical information and is open 7 am to 11 pm. every days.


TPG  Bus/Tram

The "Transport Public Genevois" (TPG) is the transport operator (bus and tram) for Geneva. Maps and timetables are available on the TPG website and at bus stops.

TPG bus lines from the airport to Geneva city centre.

A ticket machine, providing a free ticket valid for 80 minutes is located in the luggage collection hall, opposite the exit, on either side of customs control (A: CFF, B: TPG).

To reach the bus stops (connection map), go up to the ground floor (check-in level). Exit the airport and turn left towards the train station entrance (CFF).

To know which bus line is necessary to travel to your hotel, please consult the "Partner Hotels" section.

The convenient bus lines from the airport are (click on the logo for stops and schedules):
TPG_line5 Our office is located on this line, a few minutes walk from the “Intercontinental” stop. This line also takes you to the “Place des Nations” and to  "Gare Cornavin".
TPG_line10 This line takes you to "Gare Cornavin" and the city centre.
TPG_line28 The "Appia" bus stop is close to the main entrance of UNOG, the "Pregny gate", where you can pick up your access badge (take your application for accreditation as approved by the Secretariat).

CFF_airport  Train

CFF ("Chemins de Fer Fédéraux" in French) is the Swiss train operator. Geneva has two main stations, one at the airport and the other in the centre of town ("Gare Cornavin").

A free ticket can also be obtained from the machine next to the TPG distributor at the airport (see above image).

The journey from the airport to the train station takes about 7 minutes. See the train schedule for more information.


Taxis are expensive, a fare  from the airport to the city centre costs between 35 and 45 CHF without luggage.




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