Service Accueil Délégués

Delegates Welcome Service

Servicio Acogida Delegados



The Delegates Welcome Service (hereafter the Service) requires an online request, with all documents attached, to be sent at least one month before the arrival in Geneva.

  • A longer deadline (more than two weeks) is recommended during the Conferences & Events season.
  • Requests received on Fridays or after 12 noon (Swiss time) or the day before a bank holiday will be processed the following working day.

An incomplete request for financial support for accommodation or a request received outside the deadline can have an impact on the granting of support for accommodation.


1. Complete the online form

Complete the form and check that you receive the  automatic email acknowledging submission of the online request including a reminder of the documents to provide and a copy of the completed form (pdf file).

2. Required Documents

Documents can be uploaded at the end of the online application, or sent by email directly to

Naming format: document number_initial name_complete family name = 01_JR_DOE

  1. Letter of invitation and/or accreditation
  2. Passport
  3. Flight tickets
  4. Objectives and programme of the stay
  5. Source of financial support and amount
  6. Budget related for the stay
  7. Visa*

* If no visa is required, do not hesitate to request financial support for accommodation.
If the visa request is in progress, please inform the Service about the date of your visa appointment.
Please send the visa to the Service upon reception.

In the budget section it is important to mention all details of expenses: accommodation, meals, visa costs, insurance, plane tickets, national trips, etc.

Only a complete submitted application (except visa in progress) will result in a hotel booking, carried out by the Service.
The choice of hotel depends of the availability and prices offered during the stay.
The Service will be the sole contact with the hotel and will not take over an existing booking.

3. Confirmation of the booking conditions

The delegate confirms by return email the conditions of the booking sent by the Service, mentioning "conditions read and approved". Our message includes:

  • a summary of the booking and the services offered by the hotel(s),  
  • the amount of the contribution to be paid per person and per night,
  • practical information for travels within Geneva.

All modifications must be immediately communicated to the Service by email to In order to avoid hotel expenses, the following conditions apply:

  • free cancellation, up to 3 working days before the scheduled arrival date,
  • after that, CHF 120 / per day / per delegate will be billed in case of an unjustified no-show, in order not to reduce the global support that the Service can offer to other delegates.

The Service reserves the right to cancel the booking, if the procedure is not respected, and to bill the delegate for costs incurred in the eventuality of late or unsubstantiated modifications.

4. Payment of stay

Payment must be made in cash and in Swiss francs (CHF), directly at the Delegates Welcome Service, open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.; by appointment from 12 noon to 2 p.m.


All personal information communicated is intended for use by the Service. Only information legally required to register at a hotel is passed on to the hotel directly.