Services for NGOs

The CAGI assists international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) already established or seeking to do so in the Geneva region.

Public & private funding sources

NGOs established in Geneva have many sources of public and private funding to carry out their projects.

The Swiss public authorities, whether at the level of the Confederation, the canton or the municipalities have instruments enabling NGOs to pursue projects abroad and actions or events in Geneva that fall within the fields of excellence of International Geneva.

Swiss Confederation

Canton of Geneva

City of Geneva

Geneva federation for cooperation and development (FGC)

Loterie Romandie

Geneva also has a long tradition of philanthropy and hosts an exceptional concentration of grant-making foundations. Please consult the links below for more information.

Individuals or legal entities who make a donation to an NGO that is tax-exempt for public utility or public service purposes and which is headquartered in Switzerland can deduct this donation from their tax return.

In Geneva, individuals can deduct up to 20% of their net income and legal entities up to 20% of their net taxable profit.

Donations in cash or in assets (movable or real estate assets, receivables, intellectual property rights) are deductible.

On the other hand, statutory contributions and other compulsory payments are not deductible, nor are donations provided in the form of work. NGOs must provide their donors with a donation receipt when the donation amount is superior or equal to CHF 300.

What partnership can my NGO develop with the "Service de la Solidarité Internationale (SSI)?

Non-profit organisations can apply for financial support in the field of international solidarity, provided they meet certain conditions (information in French).

Maximize your chances of fundraising success in 2021

Our presentation on the state of play and resources to strengthen your fundraising skills (online video).

Activity report

Swiss international cooperation, activity report 2021
International solidarity of the canton of Geneva, activity report 2021
Geneva City Solidarity Delegation, activity report 2020

Other useful information for NGOs

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Founded by the Swiss Confederation and the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the Geneva Welcome Centre is the single entry point for the support and integration of employees of International Geneva and their families, NGOs and visiting delegates.