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Republic and State of Geneva

The Geneva State authorities have developed active policies in support of international solidarity, on the following legal basis:

Financial support from the State of Geneva is project based and does not cover operating expenses of the requesting organisation. It is complementary to other public and private contributions.

Field based Projects

Requests for funding for field projects must be submitted to the International Solidarity Service of the State of Geneva (SSI). The main fields are :

  • Development aid
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Decentralized cooperation
  • Environment issues

The procedure of request for funding and list of recently funded projects are available on the State of Geneva website.

Geneva based Projects

"Projects or events linked to the areas of excellence of international Geneva and that are taking place in Geneva" can also be supported by the presidential department.

The following activities can benefit from support:
  • Seminar / conference / training / participation in sessions related to UN mechanisms and / or to international Geneva;
  • Activities / awareness raising events related to international solidarity or to international Geneva;
  • Creation or strengthening of an interinstitutional and / or interdisciplinary collaboration platform.

A request must be formally addressed to the International Solidarity Service of the Presidential Department, which will analyse the application (without any guarantee that financial support will be granted).

The formal request must be submitted no later than one month before the start of the project / event. In principle, only associations, foundations or academic institutions based in the canton of Geneva are eligible to apply for financial support.

Other sources of funding

Swiss Confederation 

City of Geneva

Geneva federation for cooperation and development (FGC)

NB: a Geneva based NGO cannot receive simultaneous financial support  from public authorities and the Geneva federation for cooperation and development (FGC).

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