Private liability, household and legal protection insurance

Household contents insurance covers damage to inventory, i.e. personal household goods such as furniture, TV, clothing or sports equipment.

Civil liability covers damage you cause to third parties. It is optional but important because it protects you against civil liability claims from third parties.

Legal protection allows you to assert your rights in all situations, without worrying about the costs.

Private liability insurance is generally required by landlords. Private liability insurance covers compensation claims when third-party objects are damaged or people are injured.

Worldwide insurance coverage. Conclusion of the contract possible without deductible.

Insured persons : the policyholder. If other people live under the same roof, the circle of people can be extended to a household with several people. This includes all people of all ages.

Guaranteed qualities :

  • tenant, farmer,
  • owner, co-owner, floor owner,
  • head of family, responsible for children entrusted during the day, children placed and children entrusted on vacation,
  • animal keeper,
  • responsible for property rented, taken care of or entrusted,
  • user of third-party vehicles,
  • user of bicycles or bicycles with electric pedal assistance up to 25 km/h,
  • responsible for entrusted professional keys.

Household insurance is strongly recommended. Household inventory covers all movables (e.g. clothing, furniture, electronic entertainment devices, pets, etc.) for lodging and relaxation.

Insured persons : all persons permanently living in a common household with the policyholder.

Insured risks : Fire and natural damage / Theft and robbery / Deterioration and destruction of any kind due to external causes.

Valid at home in Switzerland / Liechtenstein and during trips and excursions of up to one year, worldwide.

Build the pension solution according to your needs :

  • all-risk insurance for everyday items (e.g. sports equipment, photographic equipment, mobile phone, etc.),
  • coverage for damage or destruction of particular valuables (e.g. jewellery, antiques, collectibles, etc.),
  • health and accident insurance for your dog, cat or horse,
  • and more.

Legal protection intervenes in everyday disputes involving insured persons.

Scope of insurance cover : the insurance covers benefits in the event of disputes concerning pedestrians, passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists, contracting parties, consumers of goods or services, patients, Internet users. Additional insurance can be taken out in the following areas :

  • traffic,
  • job,
  • apartment rental,
  • ownership of the dwelling for own use/not personally occupied.

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