Clearance of goods

If you live in Switzerland or France special customs formalities must be considered, if you bring personal effects, but perhaps pets or your vehicle.

Internationals without full diplomatic status ​

The customs privileges of international civil servants without full diplomatic status are limited to the duty-free importation of household effects (according to Art. 9 of the Customs Privileges Ordinance). Other goods are therefore subject to customs duties.

  1. Goods intended for the personal use of civil servants with diplomatic status (managers and superiors) are admitted free of import duties (art. 4a of the Customs Law). Civil servants without this diplomatic status must pay customs duties.
  2. All goods imported or exported must be cleared (Section 1 of the Customs Act), subject to Section 14 of the Customs Act.
  3. The Customs Department is competent to issue repression warrants (art. 2 of the Ordinance regulating the powers of the customs administration).

Members permanent missions (MP) and international organizations (IO) ​

Persons who transfer their domicile to Switzerland have the right, when they first move in, to import duty-free new or used household effects as well as foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages and tobacco intended for their personal use.

For more information, consult the Practical manual for the application of the system of privileges and immunities and other facilities.

On the occasion of your installation in France, you can claim a special regime attached to your duties, granted unilaterally by the French authorities based on international practices. To do this, you must announce yourself :

Other useful information for accommodation

Bank guarantee or surety
Private liability, household and legal protection insurance
Announce your arrival
Early termination of the lease and exit inventory

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