Announce your arrival

The different steps below are to be taken into consideration when moving in, but also when moving during your stay and when you leave Switzerland.

Announce your arrival to the authorities

Once you have taken up residence at your new address, you are required to announce your arrival to the municipality of your place of residence at the Cantonal Office for Population and Migration (OCPM) for the canton of Geneva or at the Service de la population (SPOP) if you live in the canton of Vaud.

This process is mandatory if you have a Swiss work permit; it can also be done through your employer at the Swiss Mission to the United Nations , if you hold a “legitimation” card.

Announce arrival to service providers

The steps below must be taken when you move or leave, to avoid ongoing charges.

Water – gas – electricity

Register with the industrial services of your municipality, so that the consumption of electricity, gas and water is put in your name :

Radio/TV & telephony license fee

Each household that uses a television and/or a radio must pay a royalty tax to the Serafe company.

  • Exceptions exist for permanent missions and international organizations.
  • To find out more see our page Media & Telecoms.
  • Remember to inform your telecom operator when you change your address.

The automobile office

The place of registration depends on the place of residence of the owner of the vehicle:

To find out more see our page : Driving in Switzerland.

Other useful information for accommodation

Bank guarantee or surety
Private liability, household and legal protection insurance
Clearance of goods
Early termination of the lease and exit inventory

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