Service Réseau d'Accueil

Newcomers Network Service



Make the most of Geneva's cultural diversity to improve and practise speaking any language of your choice in exchange of your own.
The Conversation Exchange Programme is open to all international and local Geneva residents (children excepted).
Based on an exchange of languages, this programme is free of charge and aims to be an enjoyable addition to, but not a replacement for, language courses.
Since conversation is the basis of the programme, a minimum intermediate level of language proficiency is required. We do not accept any registrations from beginners.


  1. Registration: complete the online form. Upon reception, one of the coordinators will contact you to suggest a language partner.

  2. Contact: contact the selected person yourself to arrange a first meeting in a public place of your choice, agree on the frequency of meetings and how you wish to alternate your languages.

  3. Feedback: confirm to the secretariat whether the exchange is a success or not and let us know if you require an additional partner.


Twice a year, the Service invites the participants to meet for an informal drink at La Pastorale. Don't miss this opportunity to find new conversation exchange partners, renew old acquaintances and make friends.
The success of our programme depends on your commitment and your participation. It also allows us to provide you with the best possible service.


Are you looking for a specific qualification?
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