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  1. The customs privileges of international officials who do not enjoy diplomatic status are limited to the duty-free importation of removal-related goods (in accordance with Article 9 of the Ordonnance sur les privilèges douaniers-Ordinance on Customs Privileges). Any other goods are subject to customs duty.
  2. Goods admitted free of customs duty are those that are intended for the personal use of officials with diplomatic status (directors and above) (Article 4a of the Customs Law). Officials without such status, must pay duty.
  3. All goods imported or exported must be cleared through customs (Article 1 of the Customs Law), subject to Article 14 of the same law.
  4. The Direction of the Customs has the authority to issue an order of repression (Article 2 of the Regulations ruling the competence of the customs administration).

Staff members of Permanent missions and international organisations are invited to consult the Practical Manual of the regime of privileges and immunities and other facilities on the website of the Permanent Mission of Switzerland in Geneva. 


When you are taking up residence in France for the first time, you may request to be placed under a special regime attached to your functions, which the French authorities have decided to grant in accordance with international usage. For this you should apply to:

  • the customs office at Vallard-Thônex, if your home is in Haute-Savoie or Savoie;
  • the customs office in Ferney-Voltaire, if your home is in Ain.
These are the offices at which you will also have to clear all your personal belongings (including those admitted duty-free).





For Switzerland:
Federal Customs Administration

For France:
Direction régionale des douanes

Customs office Vallard-Thônex:
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Customs office Ferney-Voltaire:
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