Moving house

The Association Genevoise des Entreprises de Déménagements AGED (Geneva Association of Removal Firms) regroups several removal companies.
It has published a brochure entitled "Moving: How to do it" which offers a good deal of practical advice.

More information about practices relating to removals in Switzerland can be found on the website
Swiss Portal Suisse ( and "Having a successful move""Comment réussir son déménagement" (no English version)

Who to notify ?

Even if you are merely changing address within the cantons of Geneva or Vaud, you will have to notify the relevant administrations, enterprises and services, etc...

Here is a brief reminder.

address change

 Swiss Mission: if you have a legitimation card
 Office cantonal de la population (OCP):  if you have a B permit (e.g. staff an NGO)

Water - Gas - Electricity

You must also notify the Services industriels (utilities provider) of the town, so that the charges of water, gas and electricity can be put in your name.

Services industriels de Genève (EN)
Services industriels de Nyon (FR)

TV and radio fees

In Switzerland, every household that has a television and/or radio must pay a licence fee to the collection agency Billag (EN).
More information on our page: Media & Telecommunication


Swisscom or, as appropriate, the other telephone companies (Orange, Sunrise, etc...).
More information on our page: Media & Telecommunication


Your address determines where your vehicle must be registered:

For Geneva: Service cantonal des véhicules(Vehicles Service)

For the Canton de Vaud: Service des automobiles (Vehicles and Navigation Service)

More on our page: Driving in Switzerland