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Radio & television licence fee

In Switzerland, all households, as well as companies, pay a radio and television licence fee, which covers radio and television sets, smartphones and tablets or computers with internet access. However, there are exceptions for :
The Serafe company collects the new fee. It receives the data directly from the cantons and municipalities, households no longer have to register, deregister or report changes in the household. Private households pay 365 francs per year.

Television & Radio in French-speaking Switzerland

The Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)  is an audiovisual public service company, belonging to the media group SSR (Société Suisse de radiodiffusion et télévision) which offers programmes on four radio channels, two TV channels and numerous digital platforms.

Depending on your provider, you can access to various local TV channels in Geneva, including Léman Bleu.

For English speakers World Radio Switzerland (WRS) is the only general English-language radio station in Switzerland and a Swiss partner of the BBC.

Internet, TV & telephony providers

Telecom Switzerland video

Short video (2 min.) to discover the different providers of internet access, fixed and mobile telephony and TV subscription in Switzerland; prepared by our member Swisscom, which propose special offers for newcomers and expats. For more info, send an email to

To help you choose among all operators, check also website.
Cable TV: No tenant can require the lessor to install the cable TV. On the other hand, if the tenant wishes, he can get this set up by paying the costs himself. 

Written press/newspapers 

Local newspapers are on sale in:
  • newspaper/tobacco kiosks
  • street boxes.
Some are distributed for free in mailboxes (GHI) or available on the streets at the bus stops or in main public places (20minutes).
The local newspaper is Tribune de Genève.
Find the complete list of newspapers in French-speaking Switzerland.





Free WiFi in the City of Geneva



Swiss Radio & TV programmes

News & Media in French-speaking Switzerland