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Practical information for internationals living in Geneva.

Education & Family Life:

International Networking

Find internationals and expats in Switzerland via several networks in order to take part in local activities, meet other people, obtain information about Geneva to make you feel at home !

A group of women from more than 50 countries, with English as a common bond, whose aim is to develop lasting friendships and explore Geneva and the surrounding area through various events and activities.

A Facebook group for staff, consultants, interns and retirees at the UN and international organizations in Geneva to share information and discuss common interests, both serious and less serious. The group is moderated by the UNOG Staff Coordinating Council.

A community of friendly expats & international minded locals, and we’re about doing Real Activities with Real People. We’re in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, Basel, & Bern, in English.

Studying, working or living in Geneva? Help each other, share your ideas and spread the word about activities, interesting things, networking events, and parties.

A space to share information to facilitate adaptation of new UN families in Geneva. This facebook page aims to meet, find other UN spouses in Geneva and create a group that could do a bit better for us.

Genève Accueil aims to welcome and bring together French and French-speaking people from Geneva and its region to strengthen the bonds of friendship and solidarity between them. Thanks to the commitment of its volunteers, Genève-Accueil will enable you to integrate quickly into society in a friendly and fun environment.

A community that brings together expatriates! A high-quality network allows you to obtain the information you need to prepare for your departure to Geneva and your installation there., available in 3 languages, to make your expatriation a success. Discover the largest support network in several languages, for those who live abroad. Whether you are in the preparation phase or already on site, assistance throughout your stay:

Blog de viajes e inspiration, trucos para organizarte, un poco de inspiration y ¡mucho más! ¡Te esperamos!

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To learn about the practical aspects of daily life in Geneva and the region

Founded by the Swiss Confederation and the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the Geneva Welcome Centre is the single entry point for the support and integration of employees of International Geneva and their families, NGOs and visiting delegates.