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Health & Medicine:

Health Insurance

Everyone living and working in Switzerland must have compulsory basic health insurance. There is no family coverage, only individual coverage.

There are certain exceptions for employees of permanent missions, international organizations and their families, provided they are insured by their employer. More information on the Swiss mission website.

Regulations applicable to staff members of permanent missions (PM), staff members of international organizations (IO) and their families.

After your arrival, you have 3 months to choose an official health insurance company. In addition to the mandatory basic insurance, a variety of supplementary insurance options are also available to meet your specific lifestyle needs.

You will pay a monthly premium, based on an annual contract. The “deductible” is the “deductible” amount you pay each year for your treatment costs. Once the deductible is reached, the insurance company will then cover the costs.

Basic information on health insurance in Switzerland on the website, a service of the Confederation, cantons and municipalities.

Compare offers from health insurers , visit

It is mandatory to present a copy of your health insurance membership when you register your arrival with your municipality as a private citizen, or with the Swiss Mission to the United Nations for employees of permanent missions and international organizations.

Changing health insurance providers is only possible once a year and must be done before November 30.

Occupational and non-occupational accident insurance is usually covered by your employer. Independent professionals must take out their own accident insurance.

Social legislation applicable to local employees of permanent missions with regard to compulsory Swiss social insurance and Swiss income tax.

Private domestic manual : ordinance addressed to employers who wish to hire a private employee with a legitimation card and to those who already have one for them, as well as to private employees themselves.

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