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Private Household Employees

The staff of Diplomatic Missions, Permanent Missions, Consulates and International Organisations have the possibility, if they wish, to employ private household employees. To consult the CAGI’s list of available employees, one must register in person at the CAGI premises.

Authorisation from the Swiss Mission in Geneva is required to hire a private household employees from abroad (except for an existing private household employee who accompanies the household on their transfer to Switzerland.) The CAGI will contact the Swiss Mission once the potential employer has registered in person.

Private household employees at the end of their contract and holding a legitimation card (E or F instead of a work permit) can come and register with at the CAGI to find another position.

Private Household Employees Registration Desk

This desk is open to all those who meet the following requirements:

  • employers who hold a type B, C, D, pink K or blue K legitimation card issued by the FDFA and meet the conditions of the Private Household Employees Manual;
  • private household employees who hold a type F legitimation card issued by the FDFA and who are looking for a new employer;
  • employees hired locally by diplomatic missions, permanent missions/delegations and consular posts who hold a type E or purple K legitimation card issued by the FDFA, who are looking for a new job as a private household employee and who meet the conditions of the Private Household Employees Manual.

1. Registration

Private Household employees, looking for a job and those looking to employ a private household employee, must fill out  the registration form with their legitimation card, at the CAGI premises in person.

The form is then sent to the Permanent Mission of Switzerland in Geneva for verification and validation.

2. Consultation

The application form is kept on file, for a period which cannot exceed three months, in the "service offers" or "job offers" database; if necessary, the offer can be renewed by request if needed.

Only the registered persons can access the files available at CAGI premises.

Persons who do not live in the Geneva region may obtain a copy of the relevant service offers or  job offers.These can be sent to them by email or postal mail.

The CAGI's role is not to mediate between parties but is only to make available the information. It is up to the persons seeking employment to directly contact the possible employers.

Likewise, it is up to employers to contact persons seeking employment directly.

3. Requesting removal from the database

Once a job offer has been filled, one of the parties must immediately inform the CAGI so that files are kept up to date for others seeking this service.

4. Conflict

The CAGI does not monitor relationships between the parties. In the case of a dispute, the CAGI would encourage parties to contact the Swiss Mission in Geneva or the Office of the Amiable Compositeur.




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Information Note for the private household employee
available on different languages 

Employment contract (standard form)
(pdf doc)