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Banking & Payments

When arriving in Switzerland, your payments will be made in CHF (1CHF = more or less 1USD & 1EUR). However, many retailers, shops and restaurants accept Euros (€).

One of the first steps when moving to Geneva is to open a bank or postal account for the payment of your regular invoices.



Each month you will receive your invoices with a BVR (payment slip). You have various payment options:
- at the Post Office, 
- to your bank with a payment order
- online (bank, post)

For fixed monthly invoices, two payment methods are widely used in Switzerland:

  • by standing order (BVR) with a frequency and a defined amount
  • by direct debit order (LSV), authorizing your bank to debit your account for the payment of invoices. More information from the Banque Cantonale de Genève

Cheques are rarely used in Switzerland and under certain conditions (example BCGE).


There is more than a hundred banks in Geneva, which is recognised as a global financial centre with a rich and long tradition both in wealth management and in trading of raw materials. More information on the website of the Geneva Financial Centre.

There are several places where you can withdraw money (CHF / EUR) in town from ATMs (ATMs or "ATMs" in Switzerland) and at many exchange offices. Most banks have branches spread throughout the canton, some with extended hours:

Swiss Post Office and PostFinance

All you need to know:

Find the nearst Post office to you and its opening hours

Geneva has two large post offices in the city center with extended services and hours:




Banque Cantonale de Genève



Geneva Financial Center



Taux de change BCGE

Banknote & currency exchange rates from BCGE