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Emergency & doctors

Geneva benefits from many specialist doctors, ‘permanences médicales’ and private clinics, where health care is of the highest quality.

English is widely spoken in the medical sector and finding an English-speaking doctor in Geneva is not difficult.

The Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) is the largest hospital in Switzerland and the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) and the Hospitals and clinics in nyon and the region all are close by. As well as providing expert inpatient and outpatient care, both hospitals are leading medical research centres.

Emergency aid: recognisable by their red helicopters, Rega helps people in distress by providing medical assistance in Switzerland and abroad.

Pharmacies are often conveniently located and can be a first stop for advice.

 Purchasing medicines & pharmacies

Pharmacies sell some common over-the-counter medications, but some require a doctor's prescription.

Doctor, medical centres and clinics

For medical care, if your usual medical practitioner is not available, you can consult one of the six public or private medical emergency centres, which belong to the Réseau Urgences Genève (R.U.G).

Medical, dental offices and medical-surgical centres are often less crowded than hospital emergency departments and prices are the same. In addition, medical clinics offer a wide range of prescription care.

  • association of Physicians of the Canton of Geneva ("FMH": Federation of Swiss Physicians)
  • association of private clinics in Geneva
  • Magellan : medical centres in Geneva and Vaud, with a wide range of medical services
  • dental practice from the Swiss Society of Dentists (SSO)

Find a list medical centre and information in French speaking Switzerland and neighbouring France on the website 

 A paediatrician for your children? Find all info on

Speech therapy for children aged 1 to 4: your child communicates little or does not speak. He/she mispronounces and you do not understand him/her.

Medical house calls in Geneva: 

Canton of Vaud







Health emergency call: 144
Police: 117  /  Fire: 118
Poison control centre: 145



Rega — Swiss Air-Rescue, come to the aid of people in distress, offering medical assistance in Switzerland and abroad.
Rega is a non-profit foundation and offers annual membership or ‘patronage’ to individuals and families.