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How to settle in Switzerland with your pet?

Practical information for your favorite 2,4 or 0-legged friend. Find out the rules to follow and good practice on keeping pets in Geneva. So they can also settle with ease into their new home.

Traveling with pets

Are considered as pets by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (OSAV), animals that accompany their holder or a person mandated for it. In all cases, they must be under the personal responsibility of their holder before entering Switzerland:

  • dogs, cats, ferrets
  • domestic rabbits, rodents
  • pet birds
  • reptiles, amphibians
  • ornamental fish and ornamental aquatic animals
  • invertebrates, except bees and crustaceans


Dogs from abroad must be presented within 10 days of importation to a veterinarian in Switzerland. The notification of these dogs is compulsory for registration in the AMICUS database,  and be made within 10 days by the veterinarian (with the microchip or foreign tattoo number). Any data already registered abroad is not automatically transmitted to Switzerland.

Cross the border with your dog, cat, ferret

Brexit: New regulations on entry with animals and animal products from the United Kingdom

As a general rule, animals must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate and a declaration of ownership. Only the signed original document is accepted. The veterinary certificate and the declaration of ownership must be drawn up in German, French, Italian or English or be accompanied by a certified translation into one of these languages.

Consult the online tool to know the regulations according to your pet and your country of origin

Living with a pet in the Canton of Geneva

Control mark for dogs: all dogs must bear the official control mark for the current year, visibly attached to the collar. The owner must obtain this check mark from his municipality and, for Geneva, from a municipal police station (see also the information notice on dog tax)

Dogs vaccination: is compulsory against rabies in the Canton of Geneva (in French).

Useful information, responsibilities and obligations when you own a dog in the city of Geneva.

Keeping of pets & regulation


Regulations depending on the type of animal from the smallest to the largest on the FSVO site. Owner training, recommendations and prohibited practices. For example, in Switzerland, guinea pigs cannot be alone in a cage; more information depending on the animal species on the French version of the website.

Loss of an animal

For dogs, the cantonal pound is in charge of collecting stray dogs on the public area and of finding their owner. If the owner should not be found, the animal would be transfered to the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) in order to be replaced.

For cats, in case of no identification, they are transfered to SOS-Chats.

There are various online platforms for reporting the loss of an animal:




Canton of Geneva

Service de la consommation et des affaires
Quai Ernest Ansermet 22
1211 Genève 4 Plainpalais
Tél. +41 (0)22 546 56 00

List of free spaces for dogs

Dog breeds forbidden in Geneva

Geneva Veterinary Society (SGV)



Canton of Vaud

Service de la consommation et des affaires
Chemin des Boveresses 155
1066 Epalinges
Tél. +41 (0)21 316 38 70

Information for dogs owners

Vaud Veterinary Society


Humane Society

«Société Protectrices Animaux»
Advice, care, adoption, rescue & walks

SPA Genève

SPA Vaud