Where Internationals are always welcome

Why La Pastorale?
To strenghthen the links between Geneva and the international community

To bring together four complementary institutions, to unite and develop their synergies.

  • To offer a response adapted to the particular needs of the international sector.
  • To strenghthen capacity during international conferences.
  • To facilitate the work of the international organisations in Geneva.
  • To support the development of the International Geneva, the largest employer of the canton.
  • To insure that the welcome infrastructures are comparable to that of other international cities.

The Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI) was founded in 1996 by the Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Geneva, with the support of national and local entities, both public and private. Its objective is to facilitate the installation and integration in the Geneva region of international civil servants, members of permanent missions, consulates and NGOs as well as their families. It also organises and supports cultural and social events which promote exchanges between the Internationals and the local community.

The NGO Service assists non-governmental international organisations that are either already here or that wish to establish themselves in the region. It informs them, guides them and supports them.

Under the guidance of the Département présidentiel of the Canton of Geneva, this service works as an interface between the Geneva authorities and NGOs. It works in collaboration with the United Nations the Swiss Confederation, the city of Geneva, and any partner involved in the participation of civil society in the discussions and activities of International Geneva.

Le Club Suisse de la presse - Geneva Press Club
was inaugurated on October 22, 1997 on the premises of the Villa La Pastorale with the aim of receiving and helping journalists temporarily in Geneva, and promoting exchanges between the Swiss and international economic, political, culture and scientific sectors on the one hand, and Swiss and foreign media in French-speaking Switzerland and neighbouring France on the other hand.

La Fondation pour Genève’s goal is to use all means at its disposal to contribute to the renown of Geneva, both in Switzerland and abroad. It encourages setting up and developing temporary or permanent institutions of a cultural, artistic, scientific or philanthropic nature, by stimulating exchanges between these institutions and similar foreign organisations, by taking appropriate steps to ensure that they are treated generously, by organising events and meetings aimed at promoting the exchange of ideas, and by proactively supporting all initiatives that maintain and enhance the reputation of Geneva for humanism.
The Foundation is also committed to providing various kinds of support in specific areas to the Geneva authorities in the context of the international development of Geneva.»