Service Accueil Délégués

Delegates Welcome Service

Servicio Acogida Delegados



Online requests for accommodation support are still open and are subject to the conference calendar (postponed or cancelled) as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Are you taking part in an international conference and have limited financial resources for accommodation in Geneva?
The Delegates Welcome Service may grant a subsidy to reduce accommodation costs for representatives of:
  • civil society from developing countries,
  • governments of the least developed countries (LDCs).
The recipient participates in the cost of his/her stay by paying the CAGI a contribution, determined on the basis of the funding obtained for his/her accommodation.
Grant amounts Contribution to be paid to CAGI
less than CHF 49 CHF 35
from CHF 50 to CHF 79 CHF 50
from CHF 80 to CHF 109 CHF 80
from CHF 110 to CHF 139 CHF 110
from CHF 140 to CHF 179 CHF 140
over CHF 180 no grant possible*

* Organize your stay yourself and consult the page of our partner hotels and accommodation suggestions.


Delegates should meet, in principle, all of the following conditions.

1. Deadline submission

The request for support must be made online, at least 1 month before the participant's arrival in Geneva.

2. Type of event

The beneficiary must participate in an event related to the poles of competence of International Geneva, i.e. a conference, seminar or training course free of charge organized by:
  • an international organisation,
  • an NGO

3. The participant must represent

  1. Countries eligible to receive official development assistance (ODA). LDC: Least Developed Country
  2. SIDS: Small Island Developing State according UN DESA list
  3. Student enrolled in a university of a Least Developed Country and participating to a course offered by an international organisation. 

4. Length of stay

The subsidized stay may begin 2 days before the conference and end 2 days after the conference. Any stay before or after this period will be at the expense of the delegate and must be booked by him/her. 
If you meet these conditions, click on the corresponding icon below
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