Accommodation, funding and conditions

The Delegates Welcome Service (CAGI) supports the logistics of the organisation of short stay accommodation, mainly for those delegates from civil society or NGOs who participate in an international conference. It can also grant financial support to reduce the costs of the stay, thanks to:

  • funding granted by the Swiss Confederation, the Republic and Canton of Geneva and the City of Geneva,
  • privileged partnerships with different hotels from the region of Geneva.

After the demand is analysed, the delegate who benefits of such support, pays a contribution for the accommodation. The CAGI pays the hotel directly for the stay. The contribution of the delegate goes from 35 Swiss Francs to 110 Swiss Francs per night.

The CAGI makes the bookings according to the availability of the hotels when the demand is made. The CAGI cannot take over an existing booking under any circumstances.

It is strongly recommended to contact the CAGI as soon as possible, given the enormous demand during certain periods in which Conferences and Events Season takes place.

conditions of grant

Delegates should meet, in principle, all of the following conditions:

Condition 1 - The stay should be related to at least one of International Geneva’s main areas of excellence:

  • peace, security, disarmament,
  • humanitarian law and activities, human rights, migration,
  • work, economy, commerce, science, telecommunications,
  • health,
  • environment, sustainable development.

Condition 2 - The stay has to be motivated by the participation of the delegate in a non-paid conference, a forum, a work meeting, a seminar or a training organised by:

  • an international organisation based in Geneva,
  • an NGO based in Geneva.

Condition 3 - The delegate has to represent:

Condition 4 - Length of stay:

The stay should not be longer than a month accumulated in any one calendar year.

Condition 5 - Financing of the stay:

The support is aimed at delegates who do not have enough means to find accommodation in Geneva. We work within a policy of transparency regarding the sources of finance, as well as, the objectives of the stay.


The delegate and the organisation that he/she represents shall not undertake religious or political proselytism.

Depending on the annual budget granted to the Delegates Information Desk, CAGI may limit its contribution and/or reject an application that does not meet all the conditions. 

If you meet these conditions, follow the procedure according to your profile

Otherwise, the delegate benefits at all times from the rate negotiated by UNOG at the various hotels in the Geneva region. 
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