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Swiss Vapeur Parc

All aboard, the train is ready to depart!

  • Take one of the many 1/4 scale replica trains and let yourself be carried along the landscape on more than 2 km of circuit!
  • Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, the parc represents more than 19’000m2 of greenery and trees, a small piece of idealized Switzerland.
  • By train or on foot, the Swiss Vapeur Parc will delight all visitors, from the youngest to the oldest.

Offre spéciale:
Tarif unique pour une entrée journalière non datée, valable du 18 mars au 30 septembre 2023 :
13 CHF (au lieu de 15 CHF pour les enfants, et 19 CHF pour les adultes)

Special offer:
Unique price for an undated daily entrance, valid from 18 March to 30 September 2023 :
CHF 13 (instead of CHF 15 for children, and CHF 19 for adults)

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Building E, door 40, level 1.

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Building 500 / ground floor

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