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Red Cross Museum : humanitarian action

The mission of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum is to promote understanding of the history, current events and challenges of humanitarian aid by a wide audience in Switzerland and throughout the world, by encouraging contemporary artistic creation and developing innovative content with public and private partners from very different backgrounds and cultures.

Temporary exhibition : Human.Kind.

from 19.10.2023 to 28.08.2024

A new look at humanitarian photography through 10 editions of the prix Pictet 
The exhibition presents an alternative approach to photographing humanitarian action. The exhibition showcases the work of 30 of the 3,000 photographers from around the world who’ve been nominated for the Prix Pictet since it was first awarded in 2008. Their images depict key aspects of humanitarian action differently from anything we see in the news.

Offre spéciale valide sur toutes les expositions, permanente & temporaires :
Prix entrée = 10 CHF (15 CHF)

Special offer valid for all the exhibitions in the museum, permanent and temporary :
Entrance fee = 10 CHF (15 CHF)

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