Knowledge & Learning Commons: programme of August and September

Dealing with Irritability in Uncertain Times

Tuesday 25 August 2020, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Please join the Staff Counsellors Office and the Office of the Ombudsman in collaboration with UN Knowledge & Learning Commons for a webinar dialogue, to be held over 2 sessions.The first part – in presentation format – will offer insights in two ways: 1) how best to manage our internal dynamics to dampen tempers, soothe irritability, find more patience with those around us and develop a greater sense of equanimity when confronted with stress-producing events, and 2) how to manage our external relationships after frustrations have gotten the better of us.The second part – in workshop format – will allow participants to experiment with different strategies to manage both their internal and external dynamics. More information to follow soon.

The League of Nations Essentials – The Real Story of the 1st Global Multilateral Organization

Wednesday 16 September 2020, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m

Full 100 years after its establishment in Geneva, the League of  Nations deserves its full story told! Based on research done in recent years, we will dispel some traditional  myths  and  misconceptions  about  the  League  of   Nations.  We  will  share the real story of  the League as a first experiment in multilateralism, its many successes and legacies, and why it ultimately failed in its core mission to preserve  world  peace.  You  will  learn  of   the  groundwork  the  League  laid  for  the United Nations, some of  its key achievements that still shape the world and make it a better place, and what parts of  the League survive to this day. And we will tell you how to access the knowledge and resources about the League – both primary and secondary sources – right here at the UN Library & Archives Geneva. More details to come.

Learning as we Listen: Episode 28 of the Next Page Podcast

According to the latest Global Trends Report by UNHCR, today around 79.5 million people in the world are displaced, and that is the highest total the Agency has ever seen. But displacement is much more than statistics. To underline the importance of the stories beyond the figures, in this new episode of our Knowledge Rising series we’re joined by Ahmed M. Badr, one of the UN Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals and a former Iraqi refugee. He’s now a graduate of Wesleyan University and the founder of Narratio, a platform for youth empowerment through creative expression. Along with his views on creativity and multilateralism, Ahmed shares about his work at Narratio and he insists on the importance of creating spaces for youth who have been displaced to let them tell their own stories, transcending the numbers and the data we often see associated with refugees and displaced persons.

 More information here! 

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