Accommodation and funding

The Service offers logistical support for the planning of your accommodation and may grant financial aid to reduce the cost.

Demands for financial aid are examined on a case-by-case basis. The Service takes into account the delegate's own funds and those of the organisation that he is representing.

Delegates who benefit from our financial aid pay a contribution of 35 Swiss francs up to 110 Swiss francs per night. CAGI pays the difference of room's cost per night to the hotel (the average cost of a hotel room in Geneva is CHF 180.-).

The Delegates Welcome Service is in charge of making the reservations according to the availability and room prices of the hotel at booking time. Priority is given to partner hotels.

Warning: CAGI is the only contact with the hotel. Under no circumstances will CAGI handle a booking made previously by the delegate.

Given the high demand and the conditions of the hotel market, we strongly advise you to contact our Service as soon as possible, especially if your stay will be during conferences and events season, as well as public holidays.

To apply, please read the conditions of grant.