Services for NGOs

The CAGI assists international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) established or wishing to set up in the Geneva region.

Financial assistance for recruitment purposes

Hiring aid offered by the Cantonal Employment Office (OCE) allows NGOs to reduce their salary costs, if they offer candidates the possibility of adapting their qualifications to the needs of the structure.

Principle of the AIT : the unemployment insurance participates in the financing of the salary of the candidate during the first months, at the rate of 40% on average (degressive support). This participation can last up to 6 months, or even 12 months in some cases. The conditions are in fact more advantageous when recruiting people aged 50 and over.

In return, the company undertakes to allow the candidate to acquire the skills they lack to be efficient and autonomous at their workstation. The usual training intended for any new employee joining a company is not taken into account.

Presentation brochure of the AIT.

The principle is the same as for the AIT, but the purpose of this allowance is to promote the reintegration of people who have exhausted their right to unemployment benefits.

In this case, the State contribution amounts on average to 50% of the gross salary. It is paid on a sliding scale for a maximum of 12 months (for those under 55) and 24 months (for those aged 55 and over).

AER presentation brochure.

Their objective is twofold:

  • long-term reintegration of people who have exhausted their rights to unemployment benefits and whose chances of finding a job are lower,
  • support the activity of non-profit organizations in the canton (associations, foundations, cooperatives, NGOs).

Contact the OCE service in charge of EdS for more information.

If you have one or more vacancies, there are two ways to advertise it for free:

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