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Cleanliness and respect for public areas and equipment

The Canton and the Geneva communes encourage residents to take care of and respect public areas. The political authorities recall that waste should be thrown in the dustbins. Small plastic bags are even provided (especially in parks) to collect and throw away dog excrements.

The Geneva Guide to Sustainable Living

What does it mean to live "sustainably"?

Consuming in accordance with the principles of sustainable development does not mean abstaining from, or opposing, all forms of consumption. Above all, sustainable living is about consuming better, by reducing our use of energy and natural resources such as water, wood, othe raw materials, etc.

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Noise of neighbours: what are my rights and duties?

Can I make a noise during the day? What are the levels authorized in an apartment? To whom must I complain? Don't forget, it's better to talk!
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Prices in hotels, restaurants, taxis fares, etc... are calculated to include taxes and service. A tip, therefore, is not indispensable, but justified for good service.
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Beyond the stereotypes (the famous Swiss punctuality!), the fact to arrive on time for an interview or a meeting is essential. If it is not possible for you to go to an appointment, in the event of a visit to your doctor for example, it is important to announce 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will have to pay the consultation even if you did not present yourself.


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"How the Swiss live" 

in 8 languages

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Noise and neighbours
What are my rights and duties?