Driving in Switzerland


Driver's permit

Persons enjoying immunity on Swiss territory: senior officials, diplomats and mission staff, but not drivers, do not have to exchange their permit for a Swiss one, even after one year provided the permit is valid.

Staff of permanent missions and of international organisations should consult the information contained in the Practical Manual of the regime of privileges and immunities and other facilities.

Roads and traffic in Switzerland

There are roughly 71,000 km of roads throughout Switzerland. Cantonal authorities, generally the Road Traffic Office, are responsible for most matters concerned with driving and motor vehicles. In cantons with navigable waters, the Road Traffic Office is often linked to the Swiss Maritime Navigation Office.

How to behave in road traffic: www.ch.ch 
Traffic rules - Speed limits - Motorways fees - Legal blood alcohol limit - Other important rules - Road condition, breakdown assistance - etc...


Vehicles coming from abroad must be declared to Customs, which will in turn notify the Automobile and Navigation Service. This service will then send the necessary documents for obtaining license plates.

Corps diplomatique (CD) license plates  are supplied by the Automobile Service. To obtain them, the papers provided by the Swiss Mission must be sent to the Service.

Diplomatic (CD) license plates (blue for permanent missions and international organisations and green for embassies in Berne) are reserved for the service vehicles of the permanent missions, Heads of mission and diplomatic personnel. They are also available for the service vehicles of international organisations, members of the senior management and high ranking officials.

All others persons, not enjoying diplomatic status, must register their vehicles withnormal licenses plates.

This process should in principale be carried out by the human resources department of your organisation, mission or consulate (see with them directly).

Where the vehicles is registered depends on the place of residence of its owner:

Le lieu d'immatriculation est fonction du lieu de domicile du propriétaire du véhicule :

For Geneva : Office cantonal des automobiles et de la navigation 

For the Canton of Vaud : Service des automobiles et de la navigation

Motorway sticker

An annual motorway sticker (vignette) (CHF. 40.- ) is applicable to the drivers of all vehicles. To learn more...www.dfae.admin.ch
Where to purchase the motorway "vignette"

In Switzerland : at post offices, customs offices, gas stations, garages and cantonal vehicles registration offices. Abroad : from the Swiss National Tourism Offices, automobile associations, partners of the Deutsche Post AG.

The motorway sticker "vignette" is valid from December 1st of the year prior to its designated year until January 31st of the following year. It is sold for a price of CHF 40 and must be affixed to the vehicle’s windscreen (one "vignette" per vehicle).

Any driver using a toll motorway without a valid "vignette" will be liable to a fine of CHF 100 and at the same time required to pay the CHF 40 price of the "vignette"

Importation or purchase of a vehicle

Information on the the importation or purchase of a tax-free vehicle for individuals, and for missions and international organisations, may be found in the chapter "Customs" in the Practical Manual of the regime of privileges and immunities and other facilities.



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