Employment exchange for private servants


Employment Registration Desk

Employment Registration Desk for private household employees of members of diplomatic missions, permanent missions, consular posts and international civil servants, as well as for the employers of such private household employees.

Description and purpose of the Employment Registration Desk

In keeping with its mission to welcome, inform and offer advice, the Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI) has established at its La Pastorale premises, in agreement with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), the Canton of Geneva and the Office of the Amiable Compositeur, an Employment Registration Desk for private household employees who are seeking employment with a member of a diplomatic mission (embassy), of a permanent mission, or of a consular post, or with an international civil servant, as well as for employers seeking a private household employee. 

The aim of the Employment Registration Desk is to:

  • assist private household employees who are already in Switzerland in finding a new employer;
  • provide an opportunity to employers to find suitable private household employees on site in accordance with thePrivate Household Employees Ordinance of 6 June 2011, which stipulates that prior to engaging a private household employee from abroad, the employer must look in Switzerland for a private household employee who is able and willing to fill the position. The Employment Registration Desk enables the employer to find a private household employee who fits the profile sought.

Persons with access to the Employment Registration Desk

The Employment Registration Desk is open to all private household employees and all employers who meet the requirements of the Private Household Employees Ordinance, regardless of their place of work (for example: Basel and area, Bern and area, Geneva/Vaud and area and rest of Switzerland). 

The Employment Registration Desk is reserved for the following persons:

  • employers who hold a type B, C, D, pink K or blue K legitimation card issued by the FDFA;
  • private household employees who hold a type F legitimation card issued by the FDFA and who are looking for a new employer;
  • employees hired locally by diplomatic missions, permanent missions/delegations and consular posts who hold a type E or purple K legitimation card issued by the FDFA, who are looking for a new job as a private household employee and who meet the conditions of the Private Household Employees Ordinance.

Private household employees may change employers at any time (subject to the contract provisions on the contract termination period and as long as they have not signed a fixed-term employment contract). To find a new employer, they have a time limit of two months from the end of the employment relationship. Local employees, for their part, have a time limit of two months from the end of the employment relationship to find a new employer.                           

These persons may register with the Employment Registration Desk at any time and preferably as soon as their employer informs them that he or she wants to end the employment contract. In any case, it is recommended that they register with the Employment Registration Desk before the prescribed time limit to find a new employer expires, otherwise the FDFA will not authorise the Geneva Welcome Centre to consider their registration. 

How does the Employment Exchange work?

1. Registration

The above-named persons who are seeking employment and persons who are looking for a private household employee must come personally to register at the Geneva Welcome Centre, must bring their FDFA legitimation card and must fill in a registration form at the Employment Registration Desk. 

  • Only applicants (persons seeking employment or employers) who do not live in the Geneva region may obtain the form by email, fax or postal mail by contacting the Geneva Welcome Centre directly. They must then return the duly completed and signed form to the Geneva Welcome Centre by postal mail.

The registration form for the Employment Registration Desk is then forwarded by the Geneva Welcome Centre to the FDFA (Protocol in Bern or Permanent Mission of Switzerland in Geneva) so that the validity of the applicant's (person seeking employment or employer) legitimation card can be verified.

2. Consultation

Once the registration form is approved by the FDFA and returned to the Geneva Welcome Centre, the form is placed for a period that may not exceed three months in the "Employment Applications Register" or in the "Offers of Employment Register"; if need be, the employment application and the offer of employment may be renewed upon the express request of the applicant.

The Geneva Welcome Center thus manages two separate registers, one grouping together the employment applications, the other containing the offers of employment. Only persons seeking employment or persons seeking a private household employee who meet the registration requirements at the Geneva Welcome Center by means of a registration to the Employment Registration Desk approved by the FDFA may access the information contained in the respective registers.

  • The registers are only available for consultation on the premises of the Geneva Welcome Center. Persons who do not live in the Geneva region may obtain a copy of the employment applications or the offers of employment, which will be sent to them by fax, email or postal mail. 

The Geneva Welcome Center's aim is not to inform the parties regarding the progress of their request. Its role is only to make available the information. It is up to the persons seeking employment to directly contact the employers who have advertised an offer of employment in the Employment Registration Desk and up to the employers to directly contact the persons seeking employment who have offered their services there.

The applicant must immediately inform the Geneva Welcome Center if he/she has found an employment or a private household employee so that the Centre can withdraw the employment application or the offer of employment from the relevant register.

Moreover, the Geneva Welcome Center does not monitor the working relationship likely to be established between the parties. If a dispute between the parties were to be brought to its attention, it would encourage them to refer the matter to the  Permanent Mission of Switzerland in Geneva or the Office of theAmiable Compositeur.

More detailed information is available in the Ordinance on the hiring of private servants (available in several languages).

Amiable compositeur

Work conflict with your private servant?

Work conflict with your employer? 

The Office of the ‘Amiable Compositeur’ is available to senior civil servants, diplomats and their employees benefitting from diplomatic privileges and immunities in order to help them solve problems or suggest solutions in the handling of their working relationships.

Since its entry into office in 1995, the Office has examined and dealt with nearly 700 cases. Each time, it has acted as a mediator with those concerned, endeavouring to find fair solutions to the problems which divide them or which damage their working relations.

As a precautionary measure, the service also advises employers and employees who wish to benefit from its advice to familiarise themselves with the rights and customs of the host country and thus avoid any potential conflict.


Members of the international community benefitting from diplomatic privileges and immunities (employer or employee) may – at any time – refer to the ‘Amiable Compositeur’.

  • In the event of conflict, contact directly the Office secretary, by phone 022.327 90 31 or by email:camille.selleger@etat.ge.ch
  • The procedure is free.
  • The parties maintain their right to refer to the competent courts of law, to which they may at any time appeal if the mediation of the Amiable Compositeur ends in defeat.