Importing pets

Information relating to the veterinary border checks carried out at the Swiss border is available on the website of the Swiss Confederation.

Importing living wild animals

Many wild animals that are traded across borders are protected by national and international legislation governing the preservation of species.

Certain conditions must also be complied with regarding the legislation on epizootics. The importing or exporting of such wild animals is subject to authorisation.For further information...

Acquiring pets

For further information concerning the legislation on dogs in Switzerland, applicable to members of permanent missions, international civil servants and dogs owners, please consult the Manuel: Animals on the Swiss Confederation website.

Animals lost and found

The Animal Identity Service (ANIS) consists of a national data bank of tagged pets.

You may also consult Europetnet - the European databank.

Protection of animals



List of vets in Geneva and French-speaking Switzerland

Service de la consommation et des affaires vétérinaires de l'Etat de Genève.(Consumer and Veterinary Affairs Department of the State of Geneva)

OVF - Office vétérinaire fédéral (Federal Veterinary Office)

Specialised shops

Some stores and pet shops with websites:

Geneva network with home delivery and food emergency;

Website in English:

Pet shop in Nyon:

  • 4-legged shops:

Pet sitting

If you are away or ill, you will be to find pet sitting services at:


Emergency Vets

0900 83 83 43

This portal is jointly managed by the Federal Veterinary Office and Krax - a project for young people of the Swiss Association for Animal Protection - and explains to children how to take care of their animals whilst respecting their needs.