Child Care Centers in Geneva


Early Childhood Information

The  Bureau d'Information Petite Enfance (BIPE) (Early Childhood Information Office) in the city of Geneva welcomes parents, directs them to the different methods of care and registers enrolment applications for all of the centres supported by the City of Geneva.

In Switzerland, child care is available at crèchesafter-school clubs and nursery schools. The pre-school reception of children from 0 to 4 years is generally placed under the responsibility of the communes.

This offer is completed by the availability of day-care mums or dads and various private centres

On the State of Geneva website you will find a wide range of information for:

Enrolling your child in a care centre

The care centres in Geneva

The list of placement location in the Canton of Geneva

A list of the crèches in the Nyon region is available at

"Crèches" - 2 months to 4 years

List of the "crèches" in Geneva

The main function of the crèches is to welcome children whose parents are working. They practice continuous working hours with midday meals on the premises, form 7 am to 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Entry age: from the end of maternity leave until around the age of four, which is the entry age of public school.
  • Registration: on the premises, with the Head of the crèche. In most crèches, it is essential to enroll well in advance (if possible already at the stage of pregnancy). In the absence of a place, the child will be put on a waiting list. Please note that the majority of crèches give priority to families living and/or working in their commune.
  • Rates:

In Geneva, the occupancy rates are calculated according to the incomes of the parents "Crèche" rate

In the Canton of Vaud, the rates are set according to the rate of child support.

Care centres by the United Nations area:

Commune of Le Grand-Saconnex

Commune of Meyrin

Nursery schools - 2 to 6 years

The first objective of nursery schools is to teach children how to live and play together on a half day time basis (

List of Nursery schools in Geneva

Nursery schools rate

"Family crèches"

"Family crèches" organise and supervise the care of the child at the home of a  family crèche worker authorised by the Departement of Youth Protection. Every week, the workers and the children spend at least half a day at the crèche. The workers are hired, supervised and paid by the crèche. The City has two family crèches,  
La Flottille (Eaux-Vives area)
La Pastourelle (Saint-Jean area)

"Crèches" for punctual care - 0 to 4 years

The role of these crèches is to handle emergency situation: 

Crèches rate

Crèche of Châteaubriand

Crèche Dent de lait

Foster families - Day care mums - 2 months to 12 years

Geneva offers an alternative to crèches by providing day-care mums or dads, authorised by the  Service de la Jeunesse (Department of Youth) and known by the name of familles d'accueil (host families)

Supernounou association intercommunale pour l'accueil familial de jour :host family association for people living in Grand-Saconnex, Bellevue, Pregny-Chambésy, Collex-Bossy, Genthod, Versoix and Céligny.

Chaperon Rouge - Child Daycare at home

Le Chaperon Rouge ( Red Riding Hood) was founded in 1993 by Croix-Rouge genevoise (The Geneva Red Cross), as a Home Daycare Service. This aid is given to parents of children from o to 12 years old in the Canton of Geneva.

Urgent help: 022 304 04 82 or on line

More recently, Le Chaperon Rouge has adapted its support for more individual needs

  • Urgent Help - from 2 hours up to 3 days
  • Short Term Daycare - from 4 days up to 8 weeks
  • Long Term Daycare - from 9 weeks up to 1 year
  • Baby-sitting
  • Break or Breather Voucher

More information in English

Mary Poppins - Pro juventute - Genève

This new style of child-minding takes place at the parents’ home, and has been designed to meet their needs as closely as possible. The hours currently covered are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The role of Mary Poppins child-minding is to take over from the parents during their absence. The child-minder looks after the child and their living space and carries out the tasks directly connected with them, such as cleaning and tidying their room, preparing their meals, etc.



Urgent Help

Crèches for punctual care

Chaperon Rouge

Priorité enfants


La Madeleine des enfants

In the City of Geneva
for punctual care of their children
maximum of 3 hours a day

Chèque Service

If you employ or wish to hire a cleaner or somebody to look after your children on a regular or occasional basis.

To avoid unfortunate situations, resulting for example from an accident, the

Chèque Service helps you to comply with insurance obligations.

Are you seeking an au-pair ?

International Au Pair Organisation

Baby-sitting courses

For young people over the age of 14. (red cross)

Recruitment agency

Priorité Enfants  is a well-established Geneva-based introduction agency specializing in the recruitment of maternity nurses, nannies, mothers’ help, and babysitters. They aim to provide a personal and professional service tailored to the specific needs of individual families.
Recruitment:Nannies,Temporary childcare, Baby-sitters


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