Marriage - Birth registration


Marriage - Partnerships & Pacs (same-sex couples)

Getting married

Anyone who wants to get married in Switzerland can do so at the municipality of their choice just as long as they respect the following procedures.

Where to apply
  • If one or both of the engaged couple (Swiss or foreign) reside in Switzerland, the application should be filed with the General Register Office in their place of residence (or one of the two).
  • If neither resides in Switzerland, the application must be filed by them or by a competent Swiss intermediary, with the General Register Office where they intend the marriage to take place.

For more information about getting married in Switzerland: : preliminary procedures, documents required, new marriage laws : documents required (in French only) : Guichet universel leaflet:  Mariage (in French only)

Pacs genevois (same-sex couples)

"Foreigners residing in Switzerland: name of the couple, marriage certificate, gettiing divorced

"Union libre" (source: Guide Social Romand)


Useful links

Matrimonial property regimes in Switzerland:

Guichet Universel - Republic and Canton of Geneva (in French only)

"Civil status":

Le Guide social Romand (GSR) (in French only)

Birth Registration : steps to register your child

  • When and where
Within 3 days of the birth, to the local General Register Office where the birth took place.
  • By whom
If the child was born in a hospital or another establishment, the management will send a written notification.
If the child was not born in an institution, the birth must be orally declared by the father, the midwife, the doctor or any other person who attended the birth, or the mother.
  • Paternity recognition certificate: A child who is the parental responsibility of their mother alone can be recognized at any time by their father.
    Paternity can also be acknowledged before the birth. On the other hand, an adopted child cannot be acknowledged after adoption.
    Acknowledgement can be made verbally in the presence of the registrar for the child's place of birth or that of the place of origin or place of residence of the father or mother. Documents required, how to obtain a Paternity Recognition Certificate, etc..

More information on the Republic and Canton of Geneva website: 
"Chemin de vie" du site de la République et canton de Genève (in French only)

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Arcade Sages-Femmes (Midwives)

La Maternité de Genève: The Hospital Maternity

Le Centre de planning Familial (Family planning Centre)

Pro juventute Genève

Courses for future parents given by the Croix-Rouge genevoise (Geneva Red Cross)

La Fédération Suisse pour la Formation des Parents (FSFP) propose des cours et rencontres pour les parents

 "Adoption" Guide Social Romand

"Enfant de parents non mariés" ( Unmarried parents Child) Guide Social Romand

"Avortement - interruption de grossesse"(Abortion - Interruption of pregnancy) Guide Social Romand


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