financial assistance for recruitment purposes

The Office of employment (Canton of Geneva) assists NGOs in meeting their labour costs if they agree to accept candidates under the following schemes.

Allowance for the introduction to work (AIT)

Under the AIT program, the unemployment scheme contributes to finance the salary of the candidate during the first months of employment - at a rate of 40% on average (decreasing rate). This participation can last up to over 6 months; 12 months in certain exceptional cases. Conditions may be more favourable if the candidate is over 50 years old.
In return, the NGO commits to train candidates in order to enhance their efficiency and autonomy in the workplace – in addition to the usual training provided to any new employee.
Consult the presentation booklet of the AIT.

Allowance for the return to employment (ARE)

ARE applies the same principles as AIT, however, this allowance aims to reintegrate job-seekers who are no longer entitled to an unemployment allowance into the job market. Under this program, the participation of the State amounts to an average of 50% of the gross salary and is paid for 12 months maximum at a decreasing rate (for those less than 55 years old) and 24 months (for those 55 years and older).

Consult the presentation booklet of the ARE.

Solidarity employment (EDS)

The objectives are twofold: 

  • To reintegrate people who have exhausted their entitlement to unemployment benefits and who are more likely to have difficulties in finding a job.
  • To support the activities of non-profit-making organisations in the canton (associations, foundations, cooperatives, NGOs).

For more information, please contact the Solidarity Employment Service (SEdS).

For more information, please consult the page "Engager un candidat" of the cantonal employment office



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