All international newcomers to Geneva are invited to lunchtime conferences held throughout the year at La Pastorale. Those conferences provide newcomers the opportunity to discover the practical, social and cultural sides of life in the city. An informal sandwich lunch will be offered in the presence of the speakers and the Geneva Welcome Network members.
Invitations are sent to all 2017-2018 newcomers who have registered to the Welcome programme.
Thursday 28 September 2017  & Thursday 25 January 2018
Practical Geneva
The keys to a successful stay; some tips to facilitate your
first steps in Geneva.
Thursday 16 November 2017
The public and private school system in Geneva
From primary to secondary school to university, diploma
A rare opportunity to get an overview of Geneva's
educational system.
Thursday 22 March 2018
Health and healthcare network in Geneva
An overview of Geneva's public and private health systems:
emergency services, medical consultations and insurances.
Thursday 14 June 2018
Summer 2018: What to do in Geneva?
Information about open-air theatres, concerts in parks,
open-air cinemas, festivals. Programmes will be available
on site.