Discover Geneva and the Lemanic region is a programme of excursions and visits for international newcomers:
- Discover communes and specifi c neighbourhoods in the Geneva region
- Discover local institutions and companies
- Discover regional events and leisure activities
These excursions usually take place on a monthly basis, mostly on Saturdays, enabling you to join with your spouse and children. The Newcomer Network's Geneva volunteers will facilitate personal contacts with participants.
Registration to this programme is for one year (non-renewable) and free of charge; please note that some events may require a moderate fi nancial contribution.
N.B. In order to receive the invitations, you need to fill a registration form :
September 2017: Lavaux and the Château de Chillon
Discover the exceptional landscape of Lavaux, in the Canton de Vaud, a UNESCO
World Heritage site, and its breathtaking terraced vineyards that grow all the way
down to the lake before visiting the château de Chillon, a XIIth century fortress.
October 2017: Nyon
Guided tour of Nyon on the trail of Tintin and "The Calculus Affair" followed by a
lunch hosted by Nyon's authorities in the castle cellar.
November 2017: City Hall of Geneva
Official visit of the City Hall, seat of the cantonal government,
presentation of the Geneva political system, followed by lunch in a
typical restaurant.
December 2017: the Old Town celebrates Escalade
Discover medieval Geneva and its secret passageways, before meeting in a
private club in the Old Town, to celebrate Escalade the traditional way.
January 2018: Snowshoeing
At the Col de la Givrine, in the Jura mountains, an afternoon of easy initiation to
snowshoeing followed by a late afternoon cheese fondue.
February 2018: Carouge
Discover this old city of the Kingdom of Sardinia, the charm of its secret gardens, the
creativity of its artists and craftsmen, the originality and the quality of its shops and the
conviviality of its inhabitants.
March 2018: Versoix and the Geneva Observatory
A special visit of the Geneva Observatory (UNIGE) and reception at Versoix Townhall.
April 2018: Cologny and the World Economic Forum
Exclusive visit of the World Economic Forum followed by a reception hosted by the
authorities of Cologny.
May 2018: Lignon and cruise down the Rhône
Cruise down the Rhône to the Lignon, a housing project located in the neighbourhood
of Vernier. Forty years after its construction, the state of Geneva classified this housing
project as a historical monument. Architects come from all over the world to seek
June 2018: Potluck brunch
Invitation by a member of the Newcomers Network to his lakeshore private property.
Bring and share your favourite national dishes.