Noise and neighbours

what are my rights and duties?

Given the hectic nature of our daily life, we all need peace and quiet at home. This is why unwanted noise may be perceived as a serious invasion of privacy. Disputes in this regard can be very damaging for relations between neighbours. Once a complaint has been lodged, it sets off a process fraught with difficulties and, whatever the outcome may be, the quality of life suffers for all concerned. Yet this does not have to happen and a little give-and-take may be enough to resolve the issue. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the individual case, the information contained in this document can help you to avoid the ordeal of a formal procedure. It's better to talk!

  Noise and neighbours: What are my rights and duties? 


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Rules concerning noise

  • Excessive noise

In accordance with the law, excessive noise (i.e. noise exceeding the generally recognised limits) is prohibited in the building at any time.
In particular, it is prohibited to make any abusive use of musical instruments or sound reproduction systems whether by day or by night.
Dog-owners must take the necessary steps to ensure that their animals do not disturb the peace and quiet of the building by barking and howling.

  • Noises at night and on Sundays and public holidays

Everyone must refrain from making any noise at night that could disturb the peace of the tenants of the building.
Loud noises (shouting, screaming, calling, ringing and banging doors) and all noises that could be avoided (DIY jobs, housework, etc) are prohibited between 21:00 and 07:00. These restrictions also apply on Sundays and public holidays.

Rules concerning noise