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Private liability insurance is generally required by the landlord.

Private liability insurance covers claims for damages in the event of damage to third-party property or personal injury. Worldwide insurance cover. Policies can also be taken out without any excess.

Insured persons: the policyholder. If there are other people living in the same household, cover can be extended to encompass a multi-person household. This includes all persons of all ages.

Insured capacities:

  • Tenant, leaseholder
  • Owner, co-owner, condominium owner
  • Head of family, carer responsible for day-care children, foster children and children on holiday
  • Animal owner
  • Person responsible for property taken over, entrusted in safekeeping or rented
  • Users of third-party vehicles
  • Users of bicycles and e-bikes with a pedal assistance up to 25 km/h
  • Person responsible for holding the keys to a business


Household insurance is highly recommended.

Household contents includes all movables (such as clothes, furniture, consumer electronics, pets, etc.) required for living and recreation.

Insured persons: all persons permanently residing in the same household as the policyholder.

Insured risks: Fire and natural forces / Theft and robbery / Damage and destruction of all kinds due to external causes.

Valid at home in Switzerland / Liechtenstein and worldwide for trips and excursions of up to one year’s duration.

Tailor the policy to your needs:

  • All-risks insurance for everyday items (e.g. sports equipment, cameras, mobile phones, etc.).
  • Cover for damage and destruction of special valuables (e.g. jewellery, antiques, collections, etc.).
  • Accident and health insurance for your dog, cat or horse
  • And more


The Helvetia Legal protection insurance covers legal disputes involving insured persons in their everyday private lives.

Scope of the insurance cover: the policy covers benefits for legal disputes as a pedestrian, passenger, cyclist or scooter rider, contractual party, consumer of goods and services, patient, Internet user

Additional cover is available for the following areas:

  • Traffic
  • Work
  • Apartment rentals
  • Residential property, owner-occupied/non-owner-occupied





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