Housing offer

Whether you are a Real Estate Agent, an owner, or a tenant looking for a replacement, we encourage you to use our Bourse du logement to advertise your accommodation.
The process is free of charge, intuitive and user friendly.
To offer an accommodation, all you need to do is open an account using an email and a password; following which you will have to complete the housing offer form.

People interested to visit the accommodation will then directly contact you.

Offers are usually valid for 30 days and can be renewed if necessary (a reminder is sent one day before expiry).

Editing offers is always possible, whether it is adding a picture, modifying information or simply extending the offer's validity.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any question.

Special cases:

  • In the case of a sublet (with the agreement of the régie/landlord), the tenant may require a guarantee from the sub-letter in order to protect himself against risks of damage or non-payment of rent, which the tenant is responsible for to the landlord.
  • Taking into consideration the important number of registered interns looking for a room to rent, we kindly remind you that the tenant has to announce any form of collocation to its lessor.

  • Anyone hosting long term guests, sub-tenants or private household employees is required to inform the Service Etrangers et Confédérés (SEC) by filling entry/exit forms:
    Formulaire d'entrée Formulaire de sortie
  • A tenant wishing to leave his/her apartment early by introducing a replacement tenant must make sure to directly provide the replacement tenant(s)' application(s) to the régie, and to do the necessary follow-up. It is only once a replacement tenant signs the lease contract that the current tenant will be discharged (please note that in some cases the régie may not choose your candidate, but still has to discharge the current tenant).
  • Please note that housing offers requiring an agency/relocation fee will not accepted




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