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Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations Office (UNOG) and to the other international organisations in Geneva

GENEVA AUTHORITIES (mainly french)

The Presidential Department of the Republic and Canton of Geneva  is responsible for the coherence of government action, relations with International Geneva and tasks related to the representation of Geneva's interests at the federal, inter-cantonal and regional levels.

The International Geneva Service and its "International Geneva" website presents its actors, achievements and current events, offering comprehensive information on the support available for international organisations, NGOs or permanent missions.

The Protocol Service ensures the permanence and quality of the State's relations with the various authorities of the Confederation, the diplomatic and consular world, as well as international organisations based in Geneva.

The Office of the Amiable Compositeur is a mediation structure to facilitate the resolution of labour disputes involving persons enjoying diplomatic and consular privileges and immunities and their staff.

The City of Geneva - Service des relations extérieures (SRE) is responsible for providing analysis on international themes, conducting protocol missions and supporting the work of the Administrative Council on the local, national and international scenes.

The Association of Geneva Municipalities (ACG) The international institutions based in Geneva are mainly based in the following municipalities: City of Geneva; Grand-Saconnex; Meyrin; and Pregny-Chambésy.


Fondation Des Immeubles pour les Organisations Internationales (FIPOI): established in 1964 by the Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Geneva, FIPOI offers services to facilitate the establishment of international organisations and their activities.

International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG): inaugurated in 1973, the Centre hosts international conferences at governmental level, of a political, economic or technical nature, but is also available for any type of private conferences. 


website Genève Internationale

Genève Internationale website provides information and news on International Geneva. It is an initiative of the Service de la Genève internationale of the Republic and State of Geneva.
It also offers comprehensive information on the support available for international organisations, NGOs and permanent missions.