Service Événementiel & Kiosque Culturel à l'ONUG

Event Service & Cultural Kiosk at UNOG



CAGI works with several local and cantonal entities, and international organisations, in programming events:


Ciné-ONU: screenings are organised in collaboration with UNOG, providing opportunities for free viewing of feature films related to UN key topics and activities.

PechaKucha: a Japanese concept which entails telling a story creatively and amusingly, by presenting one image every 20 seconds before moving on to the next. Evening sessions are organised with UNOG's 'Perception Change Project' and the Swiss Mission.

Mix&Mash: events organised jointly by the City of Geneva and UNOG, in association with CAGI, on a different theme for each occasion.

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CAGI provides helpful conferences and themed workshops, along with other cultural and touristic events, to assist with the integration of Internationals into the local community. All CAGI’s services are free of charge.

Conference on «Housing & Insurance»: helps new staff with accommodation search and moving-in, including preparation of an application file, prior to moving-in procedures, check-in and inventory, contract termination, diplomatic and waiver clauses, check-out and security deposit issues.


Conferences on «Practical Geneva»: aimed at newcomers to International Geneva, giving an overview of Geneva’s social and cultural life throughout the year. Invitations are sent out to all new arrivals who register on the Newcomers’ Network Welcome Programme. 


«Discover Geneva programme»: for newcomers and their families, this programme offers monthly excursions and visits to key attractions in the Geneva region.

Insider's Geneva: a new welcome programme put together by 4 young volunteers to show newcomers to International Geneva around, with an emphasis on Geneva’s characteristic features, including its more authentic, trendy or alternative aspects. This is run as a complement to the programme organised by Newcomers Network Service.

Conversation Exchange Programme (BEL): is a platform enabling those registered to better their oral language skills in a chosen language through conversation with a matched partner in exchange for their own native language. The BEL is open to all, offering up to 65 languages and dialects.


Conferences and thematic workshops by CAGI’s NGO which address a range of issues related to work and employment conditions, local recruitment, labour law, including accounting standards. These conferences are organised in association with local actors and institutions of International Geneva (by invitation only).


Information Mornings are information sessions aimed at staff who have arrived recently to work for an international organisation. The sessions are also open to partners/spouses and deal with the various issues involved in becoming better integrated, both socially and professionally, within the Geneva community (by invitation only).




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