WORKING and meeting ROOMs

The Delegates Welcome Service - ideally located at a 5-minute walk from the United Nations - offers several workspaces, free of charge in the house "La Dépendance", mainly dedicated to delegates participating to international conferences

The NGO Service makes also its two meeting rooms available in the house "La Maison Rose".

These working spaces are available providing that the meeting has neither political nor religious or lucrative purposes. The CAGI may refuse any application that does not meet its criteria.

computer room

Available and free of charge without registration during the opening hours of the service, 5/7 from 9 am to 5 pm. Outside business hours, delegates must request a temporary access badge to

- 6 computers in French, English and Spanish,
- black and white printer, photocopier and scanner,
- plugs and sockets adapters available.

electric power 230 V, 50 Hz, socket type J (illustration)


Meeting room

The meeting room has a capacity for 20 people. To access workspace outside business hours (Monday to Friday form 9 am to 5 pm), delegates must request an access badge to

- projector and screen,
- flipchart,
- wifi.

A kitchenette is available for both rooms with a coffee machine, a fridge, a microwave oven.



The lounge is available for informal meetings for a few people (without IT facilities) and is accessible only during business hours from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

- wifi,
- sofas, tables and chairs,
- kitchen area (fridge, microwave, free coffee and tee),
- documentation to facilitate your stay in Geneva.



  # pers. access hours badge request form
Computer room
6 7/7 9am-5pm yes no
Meeting room 20 7/7 9am-5pm yes yes
Lounge 10 5/7 9am-5pm no yes


All material in the meeting rooms is under the responsibility of the organizer of the event. The cost of any damages may be asked.
Organizers are equally responsible for cleaning up the meeting room after the event and to leave the room as they found it.



TEMPORAry exhibition

inside the house "La Dépendance" 
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