Planning your trip

Visa and entry formalities for Switzerland

Time to process a visa application varies from case to case. Therefore, you are strongly advised to submit your request as early as possible (three months before the desired departure date at the latest).


Please verify the validity of your passport (FDFA, item 3):

  • must extend at least three months beyond the intended date of departure from Switzerland,
  • must have been issued within the last 10 years.

Invitation letter

Please verify the content of the invitation letter (FDFA, item 4) and have with you all the information regarding the venue and access conditions to the conference that you will be attending. The Conference Secretariat will give you all the details and can send you a written invitation. This letter must be attached to your visa application form.

Travel insurance (health/accident)

Check the insurance requirements (FDFA, item 4) and if your medical insurance covers medical costs abroad, especially in Switzerland. Otherwise, it will be necessary to take a complementary health and accident coverage policy, valid throughout your stay.

There are no vaccination prescriptions to visit Switzerland.

A medical certificate has to be attached to your visa application.

Airplane ticket

Please make sure you have enough time for connecting flights and check the following points:

  • terms and conditions for flight changes in order to avoid additional charges,
  • terms and conditions regarding compensation, missed flights or lost baggage,
  • baggage weight restrictions and forbidden objects in your baggage.


The importation of some products is not allowed into Switzerland. Check the recommendations of the Federal Customs Administration.