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Like other international cities, life in Geneva is expensive. We recommend that you plan your budget carefully and follow our tips to prepare your stay as well as possible!

When you arrive in Switzerland, the currency used  is Swiss francs -CHF- (± 1USD & 1EUR). However, many services, shops and restaurants accept Euros (€).

There are cash dispensers called "bancomats" in Switzerland and exchange offices, many of which are located close to "Gare Cornavin"; main train station in the city centre.


The price of a hotel room in Geneva varies greatly depending on 4 factors:
  • choice of booking: a direct reservation or one benefiting from a CAGI subsidy
  • length of stay: during important events or in the low season
  • type of residence: 1 to 3 star hotels, youth hostels, dormitories, etc. 
  • type of room: single/double, private/common bathroom


Plan a budget of about 50 CHF/day, the price of a meal is between 20 - 30 CHF.

Geneva has a large number of take-away restaurants (fast-food, take-away, bakeries and international grocery stores).

  • Breakfast: the hotel price is around 15 CHF on average, but it is included when a reservation has been made through CAGI,
  • Lunch: the cafeterias of international organizations such as UNOG, ICRC and WIPO offer low-cost menus for less than 20 CHF;
    The dish of the day usually costs between 16 and 20 CHF in Geneva restaurants.
    Foodtrucks are often present around the "Place des Nations" during the lunchtime period.
  • Evening meals: plan a budget of around 30 CHF, drinks included to dine out a restaurant.

Tip: it is customary to leave a few francs, or more depending on the type of restaurant you are at or if you are particularly satisfied with the service.


TPG_Geneva_Transport_CardAll hotel guests in Geneva receive a Geneva Transport Card to use on Geneva public transport (TPG), free of charge, for the duration of their stay.
This personal and non-transferable card will be given to you when you arrive at your accommodation. The card permits unlimited travel on Geneva's public transport network (UNIRESO: bus/tram (TPG), train (CFF) and boat (Mouettes Genevoises) for the full duration of your stay.

The standard price of a bus ticket to travel 60 minutes costs 3.00 CHF.


Taxis are available to drive you fast and safely from one point to another. The fare from the airport to the city centre is about 35 to 45 CHF.