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Every year, more than 2'500 meetings and conferences are organised by various International Organisations located in Geneva. There is no exhaustive list, but the thematic agendas below can help.

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human right council

The Civil Society Section is the unit in OHCHR dedicated to strengthening engagement between civil society and the United Nations human rights programme. The section published useful and practical guides for NGOs and civil society in several languages.

Accessibility guide for people with disabilities to allow them to participate fully and equally in the Council sessions.


We strongly advise you to collect your badge on the day before the conference at the Pregny entrance of the Palais des Nations (from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). Do not forget to take with you your accreditation request, duly approved by the Secretariat

UNOG's resources for NGOs




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Practical guide for UNOG


OHCHR practical guide for NGOs


UNHR handbook for civil society

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