the portal dedicated to welcoming internationals to Geneva

Founded by the Swiss Confederation and the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the International Geneva Welcome Centre is the single entry point for the support and integration of employees of International Geneva and their families, NGOs and visiting delegates.


Staff of International Organizations, NGOs, Permanent Missions

NGOs/Permanent Missions

Support for Non-Governmental Organizations and diplomatic representations

Visiting delegates

Participating in conferences, meetings or training in Geneva

PhD students

Working in academia and University Hospitals

Interns in Geneva

Employees of an international organization, NGO or Permanent Mission

Household employees

Application and job search for domestic workers holding an F permit


Candidates for employment in a Permanent Mission or an NGO

Private sector staff

Working in a multinational based in Geneva

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CAGI services

Practical Geneva

Essential information on housing, health, education and mobility in Geneva


Geneva Solutions

Geneva Solutions is an independent non-profit news platform covering International Geneva

French in summer

Free lessons for all, during the summer of 2022, without registration, from Monday to Friday, in different municipalities.

International Geneva Calendar

All the activities of International Geneva at a glance!

Activity report 2021

26 avril 2022

CAGI’s 2021 activity report