Yoga Flame: Yoga Malish with Sanjeev Bhanot


YOGA MALISH WITH SANJEEV BHANOT: Dimanche 13 octobre de 15h à 17h30

Antastha Yoga Malish is one of the series of Antastha Yoga. It is an Indian massage technique based on the tradition of the Akharas, the ancient physical and spiritual training centers.
This practice for healing and flexibility uses self massage done in a warm room with ayurvedic oil while practicing specially selected yoga postures.
This combination gives you a new unexpected flexibility that lets you glide into the asanas.Yoga Malish improves your blood circulation, relieves pain, helps in conditions like arthritis while the ayurvedic oil benefits your skin.

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Billetterie disponible au Kiosque Culturel du CAGI à l’ONUG (Porte C6)

Billets à 60.- au lieu de 75.- (dans la limite des places disponibles) / Tickets are 60.- instead of 75.- (within ticket availability)