ADG Europe & TNT Theatre Britain: “Hamlet” directed by Paul Stebbings

Château de Prangins

June 11th and 12th 2021 – 7.30pm
Play in english

Hamlet is revealed as a troubled young man who can trust no one, not even the ghost of his father. His attempts to find a moral or meaningful response to the murder of his father and his mother’s remarriage to the chief suspect end in tragedy. on the way to its violent climax the play illuminates and explores the human condition with such profundity that Hilaire Belloc famously noted: ”if a person has not read or seen Hamlet they may as well have spent their life at the bottom of a deep well.

Director Paul Stebbings emphasizes and explores the theatricality using life size puppets as well as highly theatrical ghosts and comedy interwoven with tragedy, as Shakespeare intended. This is not a play about inaction, but of a constant search for truth and justice.

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