VoiceMap: Explore Geneva in four audioguided tours

All year-round

Is this your first time in Geneva, or are you already familiar with the city? Either way, you may want to discover Geneva and its surroundings with new eyes!

With these four audioguided tours, you just need your smartphone, the VoiceMap App and to let yourself be guided around the city by the voice of a certified Geneva tour guide.

A Lakeside Stroll from Brunswick Monument to the Botanical Garden

Everything you need to know about the right bank of the lake, from an empress murdered on the quay to Geneva’s oldest beach, the Rolex family and Europe’s largest freshwater reservoir.

From the Flower Clock to the Escalade Fountain

Discover the left bank of the lake and the story behind the name “Geneva” and learn about  learn about watchmaking, finance, industry, philosophy, the Celts, the Romans and the struggle for the city’s independence.

Exploring the History of Geneva’s Old Town

Embark on a journey to bygone Geneva and discover how a small city left a surprisingly large footprint in the fields of ethics, politics, history and science. Along the way you’ll learn about the Protestant Reformation, the Swiss Confederation, and the founding of the Red Cross and the Geneva Conventions.

A Stroll Through Carouge: Geneva’s Little Italy

You will discover a very charming place as a big contrast to Geneva. Although it lies only 15 minutes away from the center, Carouge is one of Geneva’s best-kept secrets. On this walking tour, you’ll discover just how charming this little municipality is.

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