Fondation Bodmer: temporary exhibition “Inside the Dante Factory”

Fondation Martin Bodmer

Exhibition “Inside the Dante Factory”

from September 24 2021 until August 28 2022

It will be Dante as you have never seen him before. The term “factory” is intended both to interpret Dante’s work as a giant laboratory as well as referring to his ongoing “creation” over the centuries. For any modern-day reader seeking to understand Dante and grapple with his work, this exhibition is not to be missed. It is divided into three threads; the first brings visitors closer to Alighieri through famous readers of his works, from Charles Baudelaire to David Bowie. The second thread reconstructs what is likely to have been Dante’s library and the poet’s “dialogue” with the texts he read. Finally, the third section leads visitors to Dante’s writings themselves, through which they will be able to learn about Dante the poet and Dante the man.

Exhibition “Giants and Miniatures”

Until Summer 2022

Giants and Miniatures, featuring 47 books of striking variation in size. The smallest measures a mere 4.5 mm.

For this newest display, the Foundation has dug deep into its collection of books rarely exhibited on account of their size – either too large or too small to fit classic showcase criteria.
This exceptional “outsized” collection for all ages presents a fascinating array of variety, reminding visitors that books (the “codex”) have adopted an infinite variety of forms throughout their 2,000-year history.

The permanent exhibition recounts the history of civilization in a journey through time covering 5000 years since invention of writing, which offer a contrast with the 170-million-year-old fossils displayed at the museum’s entrance. Discover treasures such as the sacred Egyptian papyri, the Gutenberg Bible, the “Dantean corpus”, a remarkable series of incunabula, the Shakespearian collection, the manuscripts of the greatest writers …

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